Worst sleeper ever?

When Little Bug was four months old, I was feeling a little lost about his sleeping. I had expected my baby to wake up a lot as a newborn, but the books and some of my friends said that things would start to settle down once Little Bug got to three months. They didn’t.

Not for me anyway. Most of the other babies in my baby group were now sleeping better. Some were even sleeping through the night. Little Bug was nowhere close to sleeping through.

I was embarrassed to admit how much Little Bug woke up.

So I turned to the internet for comfort. I searched parenting forums and websites for ‘worst sleeper ever’. I found posts from people claiming to have the worst sleeper ever, but they then went on to say that their babies woke three or four times a night. My heart sunk.

Little Bug was waking up ten, 12, 14 times a night, nearly every night. Clearly we were in a different league.

The people on the forums were looking for solutions to get their babies to drop a few of their wakes up. I was too scared to try and change anything for fear of making the sleeping situation even worse. I felt like I was clinging on to a cliff edge by just my finger tips and one slight move would result in me falling off completely.

We were co-sleeping, which I didn’t mind, but Little Bug would only sleep if he was pressed up against my chest. I had to go to bed at 7pm when he went to bed and lie completely still; any movement would wake him up. If I needed the toilet or wanted to scratch my nose, I was screwed.

He would takes ages to fall asleep as well. Two hours of comfort feeding at the start of the night. I couldn’t contemplate any of the advice about weaning him off feeding to sleep as it was already so hard getting him to sleep even using feeding.

Of course, I say worst sleeper ever with my tongue firmly in my cheek. We’re lucky that as far as we know, Little Bug doesn’t have any medical or developmental issues that are causing him to sleep badly.

Things could be worse, I’m coping with the sleep deprivation for now. As they say, “This too shall pass.”


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